,,,of ‘old & new’, music & overscheduled…

A few shots of ‘old & new’ that sing–BC‘s the place to be!

….”Trump’s first foreign trip: President relying on charisma to bridge old divides”…”Fewer Ontario students get music classes due to lack of funds, staff, report says”…”The ‘overscheduled’ child: is being busy really so bad?”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“The White House is seeking to recast the US president as a world statesman, but critics say his confidence in his own persuasive powers is simply delusional.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“only 41% of elementary schools have music teachers, rural students least likely to learn band or choir.”

A sad statistic indeed.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Tennis, soccer, track. Piano and band. Throw in girl guides, cubs, scouts, gymnastics. Maybe even ‘Sunday school’.

What about just going outside to play? Staying off the laptop or tablet? “It’s important to let kids be a little bored and see what comes out of that boredom”, say educators who are part of a Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.”

Cheers to an anything-but-mundane unhurried kinda Monday that smiles—pace yourself!




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