…of governing, ‘tap dance’, & glaciers…

…”B.C limbo: provincial election results in doubt for at least two more weeks”…”Awkward: One third of Britons ‘ashamed to ask for tap water'”…”USA: Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers with just 26 of 150 left”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“thousands of absentee and advance-poll ballots to be counted, kicks off weeks of speculation and possibly backroom negotiations with the newly influential Green Party.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“consumers are needlessly buying bottled water in restaurants and pubs because they feel awkward asking for free tap water, says environmental charity.”

Indeed, those of us that are blessed to live in lands where the tap water is just fine, should think twice about the ‘tap dance’ that contributes to landfill dilemmas resulting from only a fraction of recyclables being recycled.

SOMETHING ABOUT“our warming climate makes it inevitable that contiguous USA will lose all its glaciers within decades, according to scientists.”

Whatever the ‘tap dances’ of your thoroughly thrilling and thriving Thursday might be, may there be no awkwardness in it!

Cheers to a ‘colour full’ thankful Thursday that sings—clever & grace!




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