….of eyes & ” I’se “…

As the google doodle honours Ferdinand Monoyer, a renowned French opthamologist who invented the Monoyer chart, used extensively to test visual acuity, I am reminded of how my father (RIP), when visiting his optometrist, (a long time friend from childhood), when asked to read the smallest lettering he could read, would tell his consummate professional friend, “Printed in USA”, (found in the most tiny print at the bottom of the eye chart)

In all seriousness, those bi-annual eye appointments would conclude with an insightful, much-looked-forward-to lunch together and a rekindling of a friendship that was most enduring and admirable.

 Did you know that peripheral vision is of low quality and almost black & white and that the muscle that controls the eye is the most active in the body?…..now you do!

There’s nothing quite like the folk songs of Newfoundland and the Maritimes of Canada’s east coast!

Speaking of eyes, ” I’se ” The B’y is one that comes to mind, for a little tune to start the day with a fiddle and a wee jig!

May your Tuesday sing terrific from sea to shining SEE !!!






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