…of ‘Springtime’, jeans & introverts…

….”Nordstrom selling jeans caked in fake dirt”…”Introverts tend to be better CEOs”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Barracuda jeans ($428US) with knees, pockets and crotch bearing much of the fake muck”.

SOMETHING ABOUT“being an introvert, being highly adaptable to change; being reliable and predictable rather than showing exceptional, and perhaps not repeatable, performance; and making fast decisions with conviction, if not necessarily perfect ones.”

There is nothing wrong with introversion, yet living in an extrovert-dominated culture can make you question your strengths as an introvert. You may find yourself out of balance trying to keep up with the extroverted pace of life. You may have lost touch with your values of quiet, solitude, and depth…. The time has come for this culture to embrace the quiet strengths of introverts. ~Arnie Kozak, The Awakened Introvert, 2015

Cheers to a TerrficTuesday that sings–quiet, solitude & depth!



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