…of ‘break or make’, pudding & icebergs…

….”How France’s presidential election could break -or make-the EU”…”I am sick of half-hearted desserts. Bring me a proper pudding”…”Cold snap: Massive iceberg just off coast draws Canadians eager for close-up”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a Macron win would cheer the EU, but there are many reasons to fear a Le Pen or Melenchon win.  France, they say needs a chance to reform, and Europe needs a chance to rebound.”

And so it goes….

SOMETHING ABOUT“British restaurant desserts are in a death spiral. Who’s to blame?”

It seems “It’s an endless parade of panna cottas and half-arsed mousses. The kitchen will throw on a bit of granola or a fragment of meringue to make it look like a dessert, but that doesn’t alter the fact. It’s not. It’s a squirt from an udder, set to a wobble courtesy of a boiled down cow’s foot. It’s a failure of ambition.”

“Something must be done, before it’s too late”, one restaurant critic says….

SOMETHING ABOUT“A 150 ft. iceberg, which dwarfs nearby town of Ferryland, becomes local tourist attraction as number of icebergs moving into North Atlantic shipping lanes spikes.”

According to the experts, “uncommonly strong counterclockwise winds may be drawing the icebergs south. Global warming has also been linked to the increase, as it has accelerated the process by which chunks of the Greenland ice sheet break off and float away.”

Cheers to a ‘the proof is in the pudding‘ kinda day!

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. ~Ernestine Ulmer

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. ~Erma Bombeck

Mousse: How pudding describes itself on its résumé! ~Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


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