…of real estate, automation, cycles & primroses…

….”Canadian home sales hit record in March as Toronto prices soar”…”Rise of machines: Bank of Canada warns of automation’s side effects”…”April 19th: Bicycle Day & Primrose Day”…

Not surprisingly, Vancouver and Toronto continue to see both a surge in sales & prices! A huge frustration for younger buyers hoping to get into both markets.

SOMETHING ABOUT….”Policy-makers,must get ready to manage negatives like amplified income inequality brought on by conditions that could help workers whose skills are complemented by innovations and those whose tasks are replaced by machines.

SOMETHING ABOUT….Bicycle Day, a historically significant self-experiment to determine the effects of LSD in 1943.  A significant discovery: a psychoactive substance with extraordinary potency, capable of causing significant shifts of consciousness in incredibly low doses.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“Primrose Day being the anniversary of the death of British statesman and prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, on 19 April 1881. The primrose was his favourite flower and Queen Victoria would often send him bunches of them from Windsor and Osborne House.”

Cheers to a bloomin’ good Wednesday that sings—PRIMROSES!!!





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