…’reflections’ on an Easter Monday…

Son Rise!

Straddled at the edge of day,
Barest blush of dawn
Pales the sleep dark night.
Silver notes rise crisp and long
From dewy, feathered throats
Puffed against the chill.

Flaming herald mounts
The morning sky
Waking wide the color.

Lush dome of earth,
Is saturated in ascending
Crescendo of blue,
Pierced by raucous cry
Of crow catching current
On the wing.

Dew slides slender down
Tender shoots of green,
Winter’s melt
Emerging with the sun,
Ringed round with crocuses,
Palest yellow daffodils
And snowdrops.

Beauty in abundance
Waking earth from frozen sleep,
Is softly stretching color into spring.

Stark against this gentle dawn
Is mystery of D E A T H —
Sin-exacted death.
A love so deep and holy,
He sacrificed Himself
For me.

That I might live eternally!

Straddled at this edge of day,
I pray through
Friday’s awful winter death,
And Saturday’s desolate silence,
Till Sunday’s dawn breaks 
In glorious resurrection!
Blessed Easter morning!

-C.S. Re
Cheers to a restful & relaxing Easter Monday!

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