…of ‘Vancouver’, maple syup & bagged milk…

April in Vancouver sings–SENSATIONAL !!!

…”Canada in a can: Maple syrup endures as a national symbol”…”As other countries catch on: Canada’s bagged milk’s root remain uniquely Canadian”…


“Love and maple syrup shine like

Embers warm, like thoughts divine

They tell us it is spring

Love and maple syrup stir

The thoughts of people into words

Of songs that they can sing” (Gordon Lightfoot)

“It’s enough to conjure up bucolic landscapes and snow-blanketed maple groves. Maybe it’s just sappiness from a maple-syrup can. But it’s irresistible.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“Bagged milk first made a splash in 1968, after it was test-marketed by DuPont and Guaranteed Pure Milk Co. in Montreal and Vancouver. The format offered less packaging waste, less breakage and reduced shipping weight (and therefore costs) when recycling numbers for traditional glass and coated paperboard containers were low. The new packaging also coincided with the switch from imperial to metric; resizing adjustments were more easily made in the bag format than upright gable-top cartons.”

Cheers to a highly successful, accomplished marvelous Monday that smiles—sweet & sings—it’s in the bag!

Tea anyone?!?!….


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