…of ‘winter culture’ & physicians…

….”Canucks to open pre-season in China against Kings”…”National Doctors’ Day in the USA”…

Say what??!! Apparently, Vancouver’s Canucks will open the NHL season pre-season with two exhibition games in Shanghai & Beijing, China, September 21st & 23rd, against the Los Angeles Kings.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“a real push to create a winter culture and a hockey culture leading up to the Winter Olympic games in Beijing in 2022.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“commonly celebrated in healthcare organizations to recognize the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. Events are typically a lunch for doctors to present tokens of recognition. Historically, a card or red carnation may be sent to physicians and their spouses, along with a flower being placed on the graves of deceased physicians.”

My doctor is nice; every time I see him, I’m ashamed of what I think of doctors in general. ~Mignon McLaughlin,The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966

Observation, Reason, Human Understanding, Courage; these make the physician. ~Martin H. Fischer (1879–1962)

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. ~Voltaire

To me the ideal doctor would be a man or woman endowed with profound knowledge of life and of the soul, intuitively divining any suffering or disorder of whatever kind, and restoring peace by his/her mere presence. ~adapt.Henri Amiel

Whatever’s the ‘stick-handling’ required of your thrilling & thriving Thursday, may it be a prescription for a healthy dose of amusement, success & delight!



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