…of ‘fast food’, exodus, & ‘just in case’…

…”Fast food week: the 30 best burgers you can order in Canada”…”Goldman Sachs to move hundreds of staff out of London due to Brexit”…”How the phone case became the most important part of your wardrobe”…

Something about A & W’s teen burger coming in 1st, only to be followed by Burger King’s Whopper, and the Five Guys bacon and cheeseburger!

Would you like fries with that??

It seems the exodus of employees out of London has already begun with all the uncertainties around ‘a deal’ to be negotiated with the EU.  A defensive posture has Goldman Sachs taking extra office space in Frankfurt & Paris as part of their contingency plans.  One can bet many other companies and institutions will undertake similar planning!

Today the media’s asking which is closest to you?…..your wallet, keys or phone?….

Seems for most, it’s their phone and hence this year’s accessory isn’t the handbag but the phone case!

Indeed indeed indeed, I agree with one pundit that if this is the case, “it seals a trend that speaks volumes about our selfie-obsessed times.”

In all the ins and outs of our fast paced world, cheers to a wild & wacky Wednesday that sings—‘got it covered’!!!

Case in point smiles—been there, done that!



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