….of ‘cheers’, ‘subarashii’ & ‘soar’….

…”Vancouver bar’s poorly poured Guinness draws ire”…”Japan makes a new name for itself–with world-class whisky”…”Canada Goose could end drought of luxury-brands IPO’s”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“photo of an overflowing drink with foam oozing down the glass was meant to be artsy.

As St. Patrick’s day approaches,  ‘to bury the hatchet of ire’ the establishment has said they will “buy anyone who comes in on St. Patrick’s Day with their Irish passport a properly poured pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson.”

Doesn’t that just sing—cheers!

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Japanese whisky is winning accolades from around the world, often beating products from former top whisky producers.”

Doesn’t that just sing—subarashii!

Anyone who’s walked the streets of Vancouver this winter knows about the ever so popular coyote fur-lined parkas that have quickly become a recognized brand in fashion, especially popular with Asian folks!

SOMETHING ABOUT“New York City’s snow-storm and below freezing conditions couldn’t have been a better backdrop for the company’s initial public offering for Canada Goose Holdings Inc., founded 60 years ago in Toronto”.

Doesn’t this just sing—may the share price soar!!

Have a wild & wonderful collegial Wednesday that smiles—birds of a feather stick together!



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