…of polar bears, vibrators & song…

…” ‘They’re coming inland’, alarming rise in polar bear sightings reported in Northern Ontario communities”…”Vibrator maker ordered to pay out CDN $ 4 million for tracking users sexual activity”…

Apparently, “climate change and the related change in ice floes and currents are likely driving the phenomenon” that’s seeing bears coming inland and approaching residential communities.

SOMETHING ABOUT….“Canadian manufacturer ‘We Vibe’ collected data about temperature and vibration intensity, revealing intimate information without customers’ knowledge.”

Oh my goodness to—“The We-Vibe 4 Plus is a £90 bluetooth connected vibrator, which can be controlled through an app. It is marketed as a way to “allow couples to keep their flame ignited – together or apart”. Its app-enabled controls can be activated remotely, allowing, for instance, a partner on the other end of a video call to interact. But the app came with a number of security and privacy vulnerabilities, which added up to produce something that many would feel uncomfortable about using.The app that controls the vibrator is barely secured, allowing anyone within bluetooth range to seize control of the device.”

More than enough said! Yikes!

Cheers to a TerrificTuesday that SINGS!!!….




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