…of ‘labyrinths’, cereal & fireworks…

Just what is a labyrinth & why?!…Walking the labyrinth is a spiritual discipline that invites us to trust the path, to surrender to the many turns our lives takes, and to walk through the confusion, the fear, the anger, the grief, that we cannot avoid experiencing as we live our earthly lives.”

It’s National Cereal Day! ….cereal for breakfast, lunch & dinner!….they’re saying—“go ahead, you know you want to!”…

….”Honda Celebration of Light returns to English bay for 27th year”…

The “world’s longest running offshore fireworks competition” will once again take place in Vancouver’s English Bay this summer, on July 29th, August 2nd & 5th, with a new musical component “including a digital song contest in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.”

When it comes down to the crunch for a terrific Tuesday, may there be cereal in your morning, may you ‘walk’ a path forward that sings–YES! & have an evening that dazzles and smiles–fireworks!








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