….of ‘loonie effect’, spring snowfall, & thinking…





…”The loonie effect: fewer Canadians visit the U.S. for third year in a row, while other international travel soars”…”Sunshine, blue skies, bulbs sprouting, and even a chance of a spring snowfall”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“since 2013, when the loonie was last at par, the number of Canadians travelling to the USA by car has fallen 31.3% to 31.8 million visits in 2016.”

An interesting statistic for sure. Still significant numbers.  Interesting to note that “the U.S. is still the top international destinations for Canadians, accounting for three-quarters of trips abroad. As for visitors to Canada, the biggest gains came from Taiwan, up 34.8 per cent, South Korean, up 24.4 per cent, Mexico, up 23.2 per cent, China, up 22.2 per cent, and the U.K., up 16 per cent. The number of Canadians travelling overseas, meanwhile, rose only 3.7 per cent.”

Recent anecdotes certainly seem to indicate thoughts of boycotts and an increasing reluctance to head south of the 49th parallel by many Canadians in view of current USA governmental uncertainties.

SOMETHING ABOUT“more snow on the way for the Lower Mainland”...

Yikes, enough said! Brace yourself for below freezing temperatures through the weekend according to Environment Canada!

Come to think of it, I bet you didn’t realize today is World Thinking Day!  

Yes indeed, both the Girl Guides & Girl Scouts have designated it so, along with the Boy Scouts, to honour the birthday of Lord Baden Powell founder of the scouting movement with his wife Lady Olave Baden-Powell.

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that sings—be prepared. “dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob”

(do your best, do our best)






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