…of ‘Alaska cruises’, New Zealand & ‘social justice’…


…”Cruise news for 2017: Alaska boom, more in-depth experiences”…”New Zealand isn’t an island after all–it’s the tip of a ‘hidden continent'”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…..“a demand for more in-depth experiences — from learning how to scuba dive to dining in a private home in port — are shaping what’s new in the cruise industry this year.”

Apparently, “Alaska expects 1.06 million cruise passengers this year, likely breaking its 2008 record of 1.03 million visits.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“scientists say Zealandia, a mostly underwater land mass two-thirds the size of Australia, would have been immediately recognized as a continent — if it weren’t for that pesky ocean”…

Apparently it’s internationally World Day of Social Justice…..

Cheers to a marvellous Monday that sings—

….seek justice! love kindness! walk humbly!…






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