…of ‘gingerbread raisin pancakes’, Trump, & ‘recreational drugs’…


Speaking of ‘recipes’ for a great day, some gingerbread raisin pancakes sound like they could get Tuesday off to a terrific start!

….”The name on everyone’s lips: Donald Trump”…”In Vancouver, Canada, deaths from recreational drug use are soaring”…

As the headline suggests, yes indeed, he’s everywhere! “Permeated almost every area of national (& international) life, thriving in a sea of publicity, controversy, and conflict.”

SOMETHING ABOUT….“914 people died from drug overdoses in 2016. This is nearly double the number of deaths in 2015 (when 510 people died from drug overdoses).”

A startling statistic! Almost as startling to me as the words ‘recreational drug use’.  Come on folks, let’s wake up & find, promote and do something about healthy alternatives that sing–recreation!

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday!  Java & a muffin, anyone?!?!






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