…of ‘tights’ & song…


…”The final step in the evolution of a running fanatic: lycra leggings”…”Trump inauguration: what songs should be performed?”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“when did it come to this? A serious, certifiable runner!… running is not a religion. It won’t open the heavens or save your soul. But it’s a rush, a blast, a way back from the brink. Plus, it’s an open church. True runners welcome all, tights-wearers or no.”

SOMETHING ABOUT…some tongue-in-cheek responses–-” ‘From Russia with Love’, ‘Dust in the wind’, ‘Highway to Hell’, ‘Rocky Horror Picture show’ “….

One might comment, the whole fiasco ain’t nothin’ to sing about! God Bless America!

Whatever’s up for your first 2017 Wednesday, may it be a ‘good run’ & may it ‘sing your tune’ !!!







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