…of ‘heavy’, ‘ice rinks’, & ‘calling birds’…


…”Eight in 10 middle-aged ‘overweight or exercise too little”…”Freezing rain: Canadians ice skate on the streets as roads turn into rinks”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“83% of 40-60 year olds weigh too much or drink above guidelines for healthy living.”  The good news is that taking a little action can make a big difference to overall health!

SOMETHING ABOUT“a winter storm in Ontario made it too dangerous to drive but people came up with a better way to get around”….

The Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John‘s among us can take note that ’tis the 4th day of Christmas as the popular song sings, in part, the ‘calling birds’ alluding to the deliverers of the good news of the season!…..the morning after the “three french hens, two turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree!”

As 2016 is about to slide into 2017, cheers to a FineFestive Wednesday that has you singing like a bird!

All ‘atwitter’ !!!





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