…of ‘igloo nativity scene’, ‘Boxing Day,’ & ‘leftovers’…



…”Jesus in caribou fur: The Nunavut church with an igloo nativity scene in stained glass”…”Why is it called Boxing Day? You asked Google – here’s the answer”…”A strategy for dealing with leftovers is a many-layered approach”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…an interesting tale that smiles “Mary and Joseph are in parkas. The Baby Jesus is swaddled head to toe in caribou furs. And the trio are observing the First Noel in an igloo while the Star of Bethlehem illuminates the Arctic sky overhead. They’re also alone. Given the 8,000 km hike from Roman Judea to the Canadian Arctic archipelago, the Magi and the shepherds do not appear to have made it”…

SOMETHING ABOUT“What is undeniably true is that the practice developed of people giving Christmas boxes – commonly a small gift or some money – to tradespeople who had provided them with good service in the course of the year”

SOMETHING ABOUT“A strata is a cross between a bread pudding and a French-toast casserole: layers, or strata, of bread, layers of something delicious and an egg-and-cream (ish) custard to hold it all together. Here’s how to layer a strata: first comes the bread — don’t be surprised that it’s cinnamon-raisin. It’s nice to have the sweetness and spice with the heat. Then there’s a layer of baby greens — spinach, kale or arugula — for a touch of bitterness. After that, it’s dollops of cranberry sauce; cubes, chunks or shreds of turkey; and sharp cheddar — what’s a casserole without a little gooeyness? There’s a repeat set of layers and then more bread to cap it. As for the custard, it’s a surprising mix of eggs, half-and-half and Sriracha, tempered to personal taste.”

Cheers to a Fine Festive Boxing Day Monday that crescendos—STAY OUTTA THE MALL !!!



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