…of ‘cold’, plum pudding, & song…


…”Mars is warmer than Toronto: A scientific analysis of just how damned cold it is in Canada”…”Free up your stovetop by making plum pudding in a slow cooker”…”

All in a day’s weather headline, that in its analysis screams“yes, Mars is indeed warmer than Toronto; Mayo, Yukon is colder than the asteroid belt; it’s colder in Regina than the lowest recorded ever temperature in Australia; the hottest spot in Canada is colder than the coldest spot in the Orkney Islands; it’s colder in Edmonton than at the south pole; Ottawa is colder than Moscow; & Victoria will be almost as cold as the peak of Africa’s tallest mountain.”

Plum pudding smiles–something about “the slow cooker method provides the steam needed for a great result.”  Cheers to some marsala wine to soak the fruit & don’t forget the caramel sauce!  Happy indulgences!

Theres’ nothing quite like Advent/Christmas season for music & song. Vancouver abounds with concerts & this coming weekend is one of the busiest of the Season. From the famed Music Intima to the beloved Chor Leoni & others all over the Lower Mailand,  there’s something that will touch the soul for everyone!

Cheers to a Fine Festive Season Friday & weekend that SINGS!!!





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