…of ‘self-driving’, tea, & ‘world peace cookies’…

uMunnar Tea hillsc

.…”Uber self-driving taxis ordered off road after running red lights”…”December 15th: International Tea Day”….”Intense, ultra-rich cookies are a dark chocolate lover’s dream”…

It seems California regulators have ordered Uber to take self-driving off roads in San Francisco and  the company has suspended drivers after vehicles were caught running red lights.

Apparently, “the self-driving vehicles of the popular car-sharing company were first unveiled in Pittsburgh in September. The vehicles have technology that allows them to navigate on their own, though licensed drivers sit behind the wheel and can take control as necessary.”

The tea producing countries of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India & Tanzania have all declared today since 2005,  International Tea Day. 

December 15th smiles–‘tea for two!’

If you’re in the festive season mood for cookie cutter creativity, check out Doria Greenspan’s recipe for ‘world peace cookies’ on epicurious.com

Cheers to an ‘mmmm’ thrilling thriving Festive Season Thursday that sings–spot on!!






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