…of snow, sex & festive…


…”Salt in short supply as Metro Vancouver braces for more ice and snow”…”Are thousands of Japanese tourists really going to the Yukon each winter for sex under the Northern Lights?”…”Vancouver has no end to enchantment this festive season”…

The apparent entrenched ‘cold arctic air mass‘ over southern British Columbia is expected to dump 15 to 30 centimetres of snow that has residents of the Lower Mainland bracing for more weather challenges!

Festive season Thursday sensational quips—‘brace yourself Sheila’ !!


Apparently “the frostbitten months of winter are the peak season for Japanese travel to northern Canada.The reason, according to a longstanding northern story, is sexual: Japanese couples flock to northern Canada to have sex under the northern lights.“That’s why they come here to get married or to propose … or when they want to have a child, they come to see and get under the northern lights,” said Renate Bublitz, who owns the Yukon’s Northern Lights Resort and Spa with husband Wolfgang.The story goes that by conceiving children under the northern lights, parents can impart their children with extra wisdom. Another version holds that the northern lights can help an infertile couple to conceive.”


Thanks to Vancouver’s Shine Lighting Group, Vancouverites can delight in much about the Christmas season that sings–BRILLIANT !!!

Check out all that abounds from English Bay to Granville Island to Olympic Village to the Jack Poole Plaza!

‘Tis the season!

Cheers to a thrilling thriving Thursday that sings—FESTIVE  !!!





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