….of snow, wine, & Christmas tree…


…”Monday’s snow a test for run for storm expected Thursday: officials”…”A carefully chosen wine is the perfect holiday gift”…” ‘It’s not beautiful’: Montreal’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree the target of jokes and ridicule”…

It was nothing unusual yesterday as the first snowfall of the season caused chaos around Metro Vancouver.  Snarled traffic, delayed transit, cancelled classes. Just another snowy wintry day in the neighbourhood!….

SOMETHING ABOUT….“the right bottle for the right person is the trick and it goes without saying that you should and need not spend more than you can afford.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“Montreal has fallen short in its effort to claim the title for North America’s tallest Christmas tree, but it remains a strong contender for the continent’s ugliest tree.” “What we delivered is a natural Quebec tree, as a Quebec tree should be. People have in mind that a Christmas tree should be perfect, but that’s not the reality.” said the organizers of this year’s tree placement.


Cheers to a Terrific Tuesday that sings—’tis the season!!!

Feeling snowed under or ready to whine quips—consult your branch manager!

Stand tall !!!



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