…of stairs, ’tis the season, & St. Andrew…


…”Life’s important questions: When confronted with an elevator is it still better to take the stairs?”…”‘Tis the season: how to survive work Christmas parties”…”St. Andrew’s day celebrates the Patron Saint of Scotland”…

Just a question to ponder in our day to day quests to rise to the top in life both figuratively and literally.  Some might quip the tension between the need for simply staying active and on the move vs. regimen type workouts with all sorts of gym equipment, escalates!

“In theory–the office party is a great chance to let your hair down, get to know your colleagues better and enjoy a drink on your employer’s dime and for many employees, the idea of spending an evening partying with the same people they make chitchat with at the office teapoint is a terrifying prospect.” 

So say the pundits, offering a self-help live web-chat today to discuss office etiquette, techniques for networking when it doesn’t come naturally, and how to stay productive when you’ve been overindulging.

And Scotland today celebrates their Patron Saint known as St. Andrew.

Cheers to a skirl & a whirl & a lilt in your kilt kinda day that sings—gie me a wee dram now eh!





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