…of ‘fake news stories’, ‘whiskey jack’ & ‘perfect pudding’…



…”Quiz: Can you spot the fake US election news stories?”…”‘Hardy, intelligent’ gray jay beats out favoured loon as Canadian geographic society’s pick for national bird”…”Cooking up the perfect Christmas pudding”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”with social media outlets under fire for false stories gaining prominence, it’s getting more difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“the more commonly known ‘whiskey jack’ robin-sized gray jay, which is found in every province and territory but only in Canada, is being lauded by the society as a reflection of Canadians’ best qualities — smart, tough and friendly. The whiskey jack’s common name doesn’t come from booze, but from the original Cree and Algonquin languages in which it was celebrated as a friendly and clever herald of good fortune.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“which fruit to cram with it?…and which booze works best?” Apparently, whatever your seasonal feasting, “there’s always room for a little wedge of fruity stodge on top of the mound of other food.”  Pedro ximenez sherry, candied peel, & finely grated zest of unwaxed lemon and orange & roughly chopped blanched almonds seem to be part of the secret to perfection!

Cheers to a storied day of ‘genuine‘, where all those ‘atwitter’ in your midst are chirping–‘smart, tough, & friendly’ and ‘to everything there is a season’ sings–make/take time for a ‘perfect pudding’ !!




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