…of ‘oops’ &’soaring spirit’…


On some levels, it seems the ‘issue & re-issue’ of media reporting on the recent US election & the looooooong laborious campaign that took place before election day, may have had a huge influence.

In future elections, will it be the media that does things very differently too?!!!, one wonders,

And so it goes, and a nation & a world, all be it, riddled with discontent and disillusion, will prevail.

…”Could Trump’s win lure tech talent north?”…”Americans eye move to Canada but immigration not so easy”…”Ottawa offers to renegotiate NAFTA in effort to warm ties with Trump”…

And so it begins….


And so as Canada fast approaches the celebration of Canada150 on July 1st, the mint has issued a new silver collectors’ coin with “timeless scenes that have come to represent Canada: the rugged coastline; the lakes and forests that give it a wild, untamed quality; the agricultural landscape of the Prairies; the Rocky Mountains that once made the land seem unfathomable; and the Arctic emblems of “the True North strong and free. From one coast to another, Canadians share a common iconography that powerfully reflects our history, geography, and natural legacy. Each of these visual elements carries deep meaning; when combined together, they convey the soaring spirit of a nation, and inspire everlasting pride among the diverse people who call Canada “home.”

Cheers to a thrilling thriving Thursday that no matter where you find yourself sings—Home Sweet Home !!!



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