…of modular, knowledge, & pumpkins…


…”Vancouver looks at modular housing industry to boost slim rental stock”…”Gigantic $3 million stained glass window charts history of knowledge”…”

Interesting to note that in the quest for more social housing stock as the cold days of winter approach, the City of Vancouver is looking at the construction of a modular home project on city lands at Terminal Avenue and Main Street.  “Every part of the home — including the foundation — can be transported from site to site. That is key, because staff are testing the idea of hosting modular homes for short stretches of time on unused land awaiting redevelopment.”

Interesting to note that a bunch of stained glass panels depicting the history of knowledge are currently on display in London, UK’s Glazier’s Hall before being installed at Utah Valley University in the USA as part of 75th anniversary celebrations.

Pumpkin Head

We bought a pumpkin big and round
that lived the summer through
without an eye to look at things …
and now it looks through two.

It used to be all dark inside
when growing on the vine,
but now it has a toothy smile
and face that’s full of shine. – Aileen Fisher

Whatever life’s little annoyances for you might be for this final Wednesday of October, remember always what the one jack-o-lantern said to the other jack-o-lantern—– “Cut it out!”






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