….of ‘tower’ , ‘hurrah’, & ‘masses’…


…”Opening of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Vancouver delayed until 2017″…”Vancouver home price surge likely the ‘final hurrah’: Royal LePage”…”15 couples ready for Vancouver’s largest-ever mass wedding”…

Construction delays seem to be the main reason by all reports, however one wonders with the city of Vancouver asking for removal of the name ‘Trump’ and the city council turning down a liquor license application twice, that there may be more than just some construction logistics….

Vancouver house prices grew another 30.6% in the third quarter of the year according to realty firm Royal LePage.  They “expect that price growth in Vancouver will slow or even reverse in the months ahead as the effects of recent federal and provincial government rule changes begin to be felt.”

An interesting tale of love, hope & faith sings—“On Saturday, 30 brides and grooms are set to tie the knot at St. Mary’s Parish in what is described as the largest mass wedding in the Vancouver archdiocese. The 15 couples range in age from their 20s to 60s. All of them have been married in civil ceremonies — the longest for 33 years, the most recent for four months. But all of them share one desire: To get married in the church, in accordance with their faith.”

Cheers to “life be celebrated,  joys we live!”

Whatever’s scheduled for your Friday & weekend, in the ‘ups & downs’ of life, the links & connections along the path, the hopes & joys, the trials & tribulations, may there be smiles & songs that resound—-all shall be well !!!









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