…of ‘quantum’ & ‘Freethought’ Day…


…” Quantum exhibit shows that ‘the world is not as it seems’ “…”October 12th: Freethought Day in the USA”…

Interesting to note that a quantum mechanics & quantum computing exhibit  being curated at Themuseum in Ontario’s Kitchener-Waterloo,  that will go on tour during Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations next year, will apparently show us that “deep down nature is very, very different than the way we experience it every day,…it is very different, and also very fascinating.”

As astrologers from around the world gather in California for a conference to predict the outcome of the USA presidential election, amazingly enough today in the USA is ‘Freethought’ Day!

….” ‘Freethought Day’ is really all about the celebration of the separation of church and state. We also celebrate the First Amendment, and science, and reason and progress ” according to the organizers.

Cheers to an assuredly sensational wonderful Wednesday that when you smile ‘ I doubt it! ‘ has you singing—no second thoughts!







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