…of queues, voters & cycles…

Nissan Intelligent Parking ChairBritain EUcy

…”Self-driving chairs: Japanese invention takes the pain out of queuing”…”New political grammar: How the education gap splits the world’s voters”…”Vicious cycle: do bikes contribute to the gentrification of cities?”…

Yes yes, it’s true! It seems Japan’s “Nissan has adapted its technology to develop chairs that automatically move to the front of a line, eliminating the need for people to stand while queuing“….

Gives a whole new meaning tomove to the front of the line’ !!

An interesting read about politics and educational levels‘ influence on voters brings some intriguing insights much beyond what one might expect would just be “a clash between the ignorant and enlightened.”

An interesting question in a London UK newspaper……Hostility to cyclists and bike lanes often seems to be a proxy for wider anger at gentrification. But does this urban phenomenon really arrive on two wheels – or is new cycle infrastructure a sign the street has already transformed?

Vancouver has its proliferation of bike lanes and avid cyclists too!

Some ‘food for thought‘ for the future! …..“If technophiles win we will have cities dominated by driverless cars. But the rational choice for the public good, and the good of the city, is bicycling.”

May you have a wandering & wondering Wednesday of adventure that sings—cheers to the cycles of life!






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