…of ‘bloody difficult’, generation gaps & cinnamon buns..


…”UK PM May says she’s happy to be known as ‘a bloody difficult woman'”…”Europeans no longer want what their parents aspired to”…”Sweden: National Cinnamon Bun Day”…

Kudos & cheers to “if standing up for what you believe to be right is being “bloody difficult”, then so be it.”

Not sure when was the last time I’ve heard anyone ever say anything about a ‘bloody difficult man’….’Brash, unreasonable, incorrigible, arrogant’ maybe, but never ‘bloody difficult’….

An interesting article about ‘Europeans’ notes “the things that parents or grandparents strove for (joining the west, emigrating for jobs) no longer hold the same appeal for younger generations. The young tend to see what they don’t have (German wages, equal opportunities), whereas previous generations felt, to a degree, that they had “made it” (joining the EU, or establishing themselves in the developed world)”.

Noteworthy indeed,  Europe’s “frustrations and multiple generation gaps are real – and are part of what is challenging the cohesiveness of the continent as a whole, and parts of its social fabric.”

I bet you didn’t know it because I didn’t either, that it’s National Cinnamon Bun Day today in Sweden.

Cheers to a Tuesday that sings—terrific & sees you enjoying some of life’s fine indulgences!





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