…of tea party, meetings & ‘black moon’…



…”Princess Charlotte, Prince George host adorable tea party”…”How much time are you wasting in pointless meetings?”…”Get ready for the Black Moon: Spooky-sounding sky even that only comes once every few years”…

By all reports it was a day of ‘tea & cuteness’ at Victoria’s Government House as the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & family hosted a tea party for members of the military and their young families!

‘Bubbles & balloons’, ‘Tea & cuteness’ sing–spot on!

Just how effective are your meetings?  That’s one of today’s questions in the media!  Do you have a worthwhile answer?!….

Cheers to the meet & greet that can’t be beat!

Apparently, “it will occur at precisely 8:11 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, September 30. Although, as the name suggests, it won’t really be visible. It’s the elusive “black moon,” the rare occurrence of a second new moon within a single calendar month.”  
Interesting to note that “the last time a black moon hit the Gregorian calendar was March 2014. After Friday, the next one is expected in 2019.”

Cheers to a Fine Final Friday of September that sings–onward for a sensational October!












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