…of handwriting, articling, & ‘fools’…


As the honouree of the google doodle today gets remembered for his invention of the ballpoint pen, the folks at Clichy, France’s disposable lighters, razors, and pens company Bic might quip–may it be a ‘flick your Bic’ kinda day!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly realized over the years with the internet and the pc and the laptop and the smartphone that the actual number of times that I use a ballpoint pen in a day has certainly diminished.  The art of handwriting and the quest for tidy legibility that our ‘grade school’ teachers instilled in us in bygone days may just be an increasingly ‘thing of the past’  nowadays.  The striving for paperless offices in many places certainly seems to make it the trend!  One hesitates even to say ‘pen-ny for your thoughts! (what’s a penny?)


…”Call to end articling alternative for law grads sparks controversy”…”How to make the perfect damson fool”…

At least in Ontario, the shortage of articling positions for law graduates saw the start of an alternative work/virtual learning (LPP) Law Pracitce Program that is now under consideration to be scrapped, not without some controversy.

The whole discipline of professional practice practical work experience requirements is becoming a more complex and complicated process in all areas of professional designations it seems in our economy of so many uncertainties and competing forces.

I’m showing my ignorance here, but just what is a damson?!..

dp …a small purple-black plum-like fruit!

So there you go—whip up a spectacular autumn dessert with your favourite ‘plums’!!

Cheers to a thrilling thriving Thursday that sings—‘FOOLISH’ !!







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