…of Great Bear rainforests, royal visits, & presidential debates…


…”British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest part of an international conservation effort”…”Vancouver embraces Duke & Duchess with warm welcome”…”When Donald meets Hillary: A viewer’s guide to the reality-TV show of the season”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….“a protected area that spans 6.4 million hectares of the coast from the north of Vancouver Island to the Alaska Panhandle. It is one of the largest intact tracts of coastal temperate rain forest in the world and an agreement signed in February between the province, environmentalists, First Nations and the forest industry ensures most of the forest will remain protected from logging.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“a welcome so warm that it felt like a truly Canadian embrace–respectful, enthusiastic & multinational.”

SOMETHING ABOUT“tonight’s presidential debate could be the most-watched in history.and the debate stage do’s and don’ts as Hillary and Donald aim to break open a deadlocked race.”

So go the headlines for a fine final September 2016 Monday and week that sings–cheers to environmentally sound!, royally resplendent!, & logical elections: now, that’s debatable!




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