…of ‘sexless’, all ‘atwitter’, & sake…


…”Sexless society: Japan has a worrying number of virgins, government finds”…”Twitter’s new relaxed rules on its 140-character limit on tweets go into effect today”…”The right wine to enjoy with sushi”…

Interesting to note that “Japan’s demographic challenges are well-known: It’s home to the world’s oldest population and has a shrinking birthrate and an astonishing number of single people. A new survey of Japanese people ages 18 to 34 found that 70 per cent of unmarried men and 60 per cent of unmarried women are not in a relationship. It gets worse: Around 42 per cent of men and 44.2 per cent of women admitted that they were virgins.”

Interesting to note that “media attachments and @replies will no longer have an impact on a tweet’s 140-character count.”

Interesting to note that “there’s plenty of choices to share with prettily pre-cut pieces to pop in your mouth mess-free.”

Of course we all know that the traditional pairing with sushi would be the rice wine known as sake.  Amazingly multiple varieties of sake are available in our local liquor stores and even our own beloved Granville Island is home to a local renowned sake maker, Masa Shiroki!!  http://artisansakemaker.com

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that has you all ‘atwitter’ & sings—fine pairings!!!









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