…of parliament, pets, & potato…


…”Peacekeeping, pipelines, and climate: Parliament is back and Liberals have some big decisions to make”…”‘They really want to keep (them) but they’ve lost everything’: Oil crash prompts spike in surrender of pets”…”Sweet potato toast: we made it so you don’t have to”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”big decisions to make in the PMO’s office and for some key cabinet ministers but little to do for MP’s for the current sitting….all amidst construction projects and relocations that could eventually see honourable members displaced out of the House of Commons and their current offices for up to a decade”...yikes!…


SOMETHING ABOUT….sadly the Calgary Humane Society reports “people in the city facing job losses and economic turmoil are being forced to surrender their pets.”

SOMETHING ABOUT…nixing the bread & “three rounds of sliced sweet potato in the toaster oven and then smothered with avocado and feta”...

Apparently, “the finished product: looks good, tastes not good”

As September gives rise to another Monday of ‘marvellousness’, take a pleasing, perplexing,  practical,  look all around you;

May it ‘taste & see’, & sing—fine panorama!!!






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