…of ‘noted’, watermelons & ‘hat’s off’…


…”Plastic 5 pound notes to enter circulation today in the UK”…”What an $85 Yukon watermelon can teach about building a global business”…”No selfies with William & Kate: etiquette tips for the royal visit”…

Interesting to note that after six years in development the new polymer UK 5 pound note bearing the resemblance of Sir Winston Churchill hits the streets today.

With cash less the king these days, the likes of Apple Pay & bank and credit cards seems to indicate there will be less wear and tear than previous paper currency….

An intriguing tale of a watermelon where three of the worst entrepreneurial bad habits converge--inertia, ego & fear….

As plans are gearing up for the visit to Vancouver of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & kids in tow too on September 25th, guidelines indicate it’s hat’s off to the ladies anytime after 6:30pm!!

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday that quips–fearlessly cashing in on a humble momentum that sings–with fine decorum!






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