…of stock markets, handwash & tulip bulbs…


…”Stock markets suffer biggest falls since Brexit vote”…”Should I stop using anti-bacterial handwash?”…”Now is the time to get bulbs in the ground”…

SOMETHING ABOUT….”shares are falling at their fastest rate since June’s referendum, as investors fear central banks’ will dial back their stimulus packages”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”maybe it’s time to go back to old soap and water”…Apparently the USA FDA (Federal Drug Administration) “ruled last week that antibacterial soaps containing any of 19 named ingredients will be banned by 2017”

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Is your garden going to be celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary next spring?….Apparently the time is NOW to be planting the beautiful red and white ‘Canada 150’ tulip bred in the Netherlands in the colours of the Canadian flag.”

It seems the tulip represents “the long-standing friendship between Canada and the Netherlands and the bulbs have been on sale this month and they’re going fast.”

So read some headlines for a fine September Monday.  Whatever’s on the roster for your day, cheers to it bein’ a bloomin’ good one!






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