…of nuclear, napalm, & nuanced…




…”North Korea’s largest nuclear test draws worldwide rebuke”…”Zuckerberg accused of abusing power after Facebook deletes ‘napalm girl’ post”…”Nuanced gazpacho is sweet and spicy”…

Disappointingly, North Korea “conducted its fifth and biggest nuclear test today and said it had mastered the ability to mount a warhead on a ballistic missile, ratcheting up a threat that its rivals and the United Nations have been powerless to contain.”

Maniacal recklessness” according to the South Korean president.  “This test will be met with serious consequences” according to Obama, in consultations with the South Korean president and Japan’s prime minister.

In the midst of rising tensions & nuclear threats, those of us of a certain generation will vividly remember the award-winning photo of 9 year old Kim Phuc fleeing a napalm attack in war torn Vietnam.  ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’ depiction of the awful terror of war.

Censorship of such depictions now a bit of a controversy among editorial folks in the media, which will no doubt get some ongoing professional considerations and debate.

And so it all goes for troubling times in our world.

Amid the toils and tribulations of our days, let there be more than just hints of compassion and common sense.

Let there be pervasiveness in the quest for what is right & bright for all humanity!

And as Friday turns into another weekend, the first, after school & work demands began again for many, may there be rest, relaxation & rejuvenation for the coming weeks ahead!

And a ‘when will they ever learn’ reflection in song:


And on a slightly ‘lighter’ note—nothing quite sings nuanced’ like a watermelon tomato gazpacho garnished with flower petals, shards of dried prosciutto and olives, daubs of lime yogurt, shaved feta, mint leaves & finely chopped vegetables….

Cheers to a flavour filled weekend!






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