…of curriculum, iPhone 7 & human rights…


…”Cash-strapped schools not equipped to teach new B.C. curriculum:union”…”Apple to unveil iPhone 7 today, but many already eyeing 8″…”On foreign policy Canada is avoiding the tough human rights questions”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the BC Teachers’ Federation saying “being able to implement the new curriculum is ‘simply not a reality’ for most school districts. The new curriculum aims to emphasize concepts, big ideas and personalized learning over facts and rote memorization, with added aboriginal perspectives across the board and the introduction of computer coding as a core skill.”

It seems purchasing technology and lack of funding to do so is one of the concerning issues about  implementation.

SOMETHING ABOUT…”hoping for more significant advances in the next model.”

Hang on to those earphones for the time being, one guesses…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Trudeau being largely complimentary towards China and its leadership; Canadians wanted human rights raised, Trudeau raised them; & China writes off the comments as domestic politicking since “when dealing with China it’s do it on China’s terms or not at all as frankly, my dear, China doesn’t give a damn what any of us thinks.”

And so it all goes for a September Wednesday!

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday & Moms out there with young kids—-know that healthy snacking fetches better back-to-school performance AND it’s all about the presentation!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

California Milk Advisory Board Yogurt Apple Donuts

“yeah, right”








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