…of ‘traffic snarls’, ‘ugly tomatoes’ & ‘old-growth’ forests…


…”Choker’s wild: Traffic to snarl as Metro Vancouver heads back to work, school”…” ‘Ugly’ tomatoes are beautiful in grilled gazpacho with watermelon and mint”…” ‘Timeless’ old-growth trees should be showcased”…

As everyone heads back to school and work amidst the many road construction projects going on in Metro Vancouver’s ‘Lower Mainland’, traffic snarls and road rage are expected to be a significant factor today.

Stay safe! Stay cool!  Interesting to note that major commuter Translink skytrain has a pilot project in force at the moment “to address door crowding and boardings on the Canada Line that saw the removal of 10 seats near the train doors to improve traffic flow and capacity.”

You know those tomatoes straight off the vine that are bursting with flavour but maybe not perfect enough to slice and serve?  We’ve all seen them at farmers’ markets available for less just waiting for you to put ’em in a tasty gazpacho or tomato sauce!

Watermelon for a touch of sweetness & mint “to perk everything up” !!

Lovers of Vancouver’s Stanley or Pacific Spirit parks & the ‘North shore’ mountains and trails know all about old-growth forests and spectacular trees that stand tall among all the other lush foliage and green that sings British Columbia!

A movement’s afoot among tree enthusiasts in our region to showcase them!

Cheers to ‘old-growth trees’, just one of “our city’s undiscovered gems!”

Whatever the terrific Tuesday, new routines or beginnings there might be for you today, stand tall! rise up! sing–yes!

Fine September!








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