…of refugee camps, hurricanes & algorithms…


…”France: Interior Minister vows to dismantle ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais”…”Florida: Hurricane Hermine makes landfall, becoming first to hit in a decade”…”By numbers: how algorithms rule our working lives”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”creating accommodation for thousands of refugees elsewhere in France ‘to unblock Calais'”….Overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, and increasing violence for a current estimated 7,000 there indeed shrieks our world needs to do better helping our collective humanity…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”expecting to dissipate into a tropical storm and push into Georgiea and move up the east coast with potential for deadly flooding”…Apparently Florida’s state capital, Tallahassee, had not been hit by a hurricane since Hurricane Kate in 1983…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”employers turning to mathematically modeled ways of sifting through job applications”… Apparently, it’s becoming common throughout the developed world to use automatic systems based on complicated mathematical formulas and “given their scale and importance, combined with their secrecy, these algorithms have the potential to create an underclass of people who will find themselves increasingly and inexplicably shut out from normal life.”

And so it all goes for a first September Friday as our nation and  neighbours to the south celebrate the last hurrah of summer with a long Labour Day weekend!

Whatever’s up for your Friday & weekend,  may the mantra ‘we can do better’ make ‘sunshine’ for you & all you encounter along life’s path!…










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