…of ‘delivery’, ‘ET’, & joy…


…”Canada Post, workers’ union reach tentative deals to avoid job action”…”Extraterrestrial radio signal originating in deep space sparks speculation. Is it intelligent life?”…”The Joy of Campfire Cooking”...

Good news, after many months of threatening strike and mail delivery shut down, our national postal service has agreed on a tentative deal to keep the mail being delivered.

Cheers to ratification by the members and onward & upward to operating a competitive delivery service with efficiency and reliability!  Perpetual perplexity past present praises parcel pickup!

Imagine that, Russian officials say they have detected a radio signal 94 light-years away!….what does that even mean?!….

Did you even know we have a ‘Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute’ ?!

Observers at the ‘Hat Creek Radio Observatory’ in California, for the time being, without a confirmation of the signal, can only say….”it’s interesting”.

For many, the last hurrah of summer can be the annual Labour Day weekend camping trip!

It’s never been so for me, but camping here & there over the years (especially in younger ones) always did indeed come with ‘campfired’ delectables that seemed to taste sooo flavourful perhaps because of all the fresh air & especially active days that heightened the senses and the appetites!

Cheers to ‘screaming hot pans’, steak & mushrooms & the joys of cooking and eating!

Whatever’s up for you this Wednesday, the sunset on August, may your day sizzle & may the sunrise on September sing in the days ahead for you—SENSATIONAL !!!
















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