….of ‘preferential,’ lightning strikes, & politeness…



…”Apple must pay up to 13b euros in Irish taxes, EU rules”…”In Norway, a mountain littered with more than 300 reindeer struck dead in ‘one moment'”…”Canadians may be notoriously polite, but we might also be ‘overly sensitive’:survey”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”Ireland gave Apple illegal preferential tax treatment”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”a horrific scene on a Norway mountainside where reindeer struck dead by a lightning strike.”  An unbelievably tragic sight that’s a poignant reminder of the power of nature.

SOMETHING ABOUT…”76% of survey respondents saying ‘political correctness’ has gone too far while 72% say they have censored themselves in fear of offending others.”

So as the sunrises and sunsets of August and the summer of 2016 come to their end, let’s sing a song for fairness! & life! & grace! in all things!

Cheers to an amazing Tuesday!






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