…of ‘indigestion’, ‘agenda’ & staycations…



…”PNE: Wash down that curried mac ‘n’ cheese with some deep-fried coffee”…”China vs. America, an economic cold war”…”UK tourism: staycations grow in strength as pound weakens”…

Yes, Yes, the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) is in full swing with its culinary wonders for another year!

The weird & wonder of a world of mini-donuts, famous perogies and Ukrainian sausage and Gourmet Burger’s ten pound monstrosity the Hercules Burger that takes one hour to cook andfeeds fifteen is tantalizing the taste buds of fair goers!

Fun to note that the fair’s VP sales effervesces enthusiastically “we searched far and wide to find the most ‘insane and outrageous’ food for the fair!”

Me thinks it comes as no surprise to North Americans, that for decades now, China has been “focused on achieving absolute domination of the processing and manufacturing industries” worldwide.

Me thinks too, that the world needs to wake up to some elements of commercial and economic ‘warfare‘ that have a huge consequences agenda.

As the UK gears up for this weekend’s Bank Holiday, Britons are opting for a break at home“as exchange rates and terror attacks deter foreign travel”


Wherever life finds you this fine final Friday of August 2016, may there
be sunshine in your spirit, sophistication in your outlook, & serendipity in your adventuring!



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