…of medals, ‘sssss’ & herb…


…”With historic medal count TeamCanada accomplishes what it set out to do at Rio2016″…”Barbra Streisand calls Apple’s Tim Cook to fix Siri’s mispronunciation of her name”…”Three delicious ways to make the most of your parsley, basil, mint, & dill”…

Kudos & cheers to all our Olympic athletes who return to our home and native land with 22 medals and the pride of our nation!

Hmmmm…seems I’ve been mispronouncing it too, all these years! Wonder how that can be?!
Cheers to ‘people who need people are the luckiest people in the world’.

Summer can sing sensational with the likes of pea & parsley soup, mozzarella peaches with basil dressing, broad beans, mint, dill & bacon!


How will you embellish your next to last August Monday of 2016?…

Will the sights and sounds and sensations of summer sing serious serendipity??!!

May Monday happenstance sing—salut!!!

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