…of chess, shipwrecks & elderly workers…


…”How I made my handwriting (more) legible, tried chess (but lost to three kids) and learned how to save a life”…”Remarkably intact shipwreck found in Lake Ontario of sloop whose sinking predated War of 1812″…”World’s biggest mobilization of elderly workers underway in Japan”…

All in a day’s slightly unusual headlines!

SOMETHING ABOUT…a summer of self-improvement and “cursive writing, chess mastering, & cpr”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…a ship known as the Washington that sank during a storm in 1803.

SOMETHING ABOUT…Japan in transition and the population is decreasing rapidly because of a declining birth rate while the labour force has been shrinking for even longer.

In the midst of all that…..“TV presenter in Rio in coma after contracting malaria”…”Member of British Olympic team held up at gunpoint”…”Baby girl born on a plane is given 1 million air miles”…

As the third week of August soon rolls into a Friday, how is your summer stacking up?

Have you experienced any heat waves?
Have there been any getaways to new places of adventure?
Quiet by a lakeside?
Hustle in a new city of things to see?

Cheers to a thrilling & thriving Thursday of summer contentment!!



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