…of leaks & ‘yoga warriors’ & high jumps…


…”Vancouver water main leak could cause traffic chaos, drop in water pressure”…”Tofino artist paints Sophie Gregoire Trudeau in warrior yoga pose during BC visit”…”Canada’s Derek Drouin wins Olympic gold medal in men’s high jump final”…

Alas, it seems there is a “serious leak in a water main that runs through Vancouver’s beloved Stanley Park and supplies half of the city with water.”

Apparently, the challenge at hand is for city workers to fill the hole in the badly corroded pipe while chlorinated water continues to flow through it.

So far, several attempts have failed and concerns are also raised about chlorinated water
flowing into Lost Lagoon, a freshwater sanctuary for herons, swans and ducks.”

Canada’s ‘media darlings’, our new PM and his wife Sophie, recently holidayed at Vancouver Island’s beautiful Tofino, where a local artist pulled an all nighter to paint Sophie on Tofino’s famed Chesterman’s Beach doing a yoga pose that “symbolizes her balance between strength and openness.”

“Go for the gold” they always say and Ontario’s Derek Drouin did just that “to become the first Canadian man to win a gold in any summer event since paddler Adam van Koeverden hit the top of the podium in the men’s K1 500-metre sprint in 2004.”

And so it goes for a wonderful mid-August Wednesday where Vancouver’s gearing up for a weekend heatwave that will see temperatures soar starting tomorrow through early next week and if that’s not marvellous enough, weather forecasters are saying there are no wet days on the horizon until at least the first of September!

For organizers of the annual PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) that’s music to their ears as all too often, when it’s PNE time it also means rain….

Cheers to a leaps and laughter kinda day that has you singing!

Sing! Sing! Sing!



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