…of champions, cormorants & tomatoes…


…”Endearing teen a Canadian Olympic star”…”Penny Oleksiak wins Canada’s first gold in Rio, cementing her star in Olympic history”…”Oleksiak has made Canada’s golden Olympic dreams possible again”…

Some headlines spectaculaire about Canada’s 16 year old force to be reckoned with that sings–
Go TeamCanada Go !!!


…”Phelps bags his 22nd gold as Rio looks forward to first day of athletics”…”Birds on a wire: the spooky cormorants of Tokyo”…”Trials & tribulations of growing tomatoes”…

It seems the ’round, glossy & unblemished tomato’ is all about not too much water that keeps the skin from cracking & keeps the bugs away also.
Warnings of ‘blighty blighty’ too, say keep the fungi away.

Be it aquatic birds or Olympic champions or plump & ripe summer tomatoes that form a slice of the excitement in your 12th of August Friday, cheers to a fine day & weekend that sings–what a wonderful world !!!


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