…of ‘education’, cyber security, & life…


…”Grammar schools aren’t fit for the world of the future”…”The state of cyber security: we’re all screwed”…”Bride given away by man who received Dad’s heart”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…”‘The type of person typically produced by uniform and coercive education systems is well-behaved, articulate, literate and dull. Such people will come ill-equipped for a period of revolutionary technological change.’”

Just what will ‘education’ in the days ahead look like?, I wonder…..

SOMETHING ABOUT…”the internet is broken, and if we don’t do something soon, we risk permanent damage to our economy.”

It seems “half of all Americans are backing away from the net due to fears regarding security and privacy”

And so it goes…

A key thing they say, is to be wary of invitations to click on links from unknown sources, especially in texts and social media.

SOMETHING ABOUT… “A Pennsylvania woman who was married this weekend had her late father’s spirit with her — and his heart.”

And a grateful fellow, the heart recipient said he can’t imagine a greater honour than escorting the daughter of the man who’s given him his heart.

A tale that sings indeed—cheers to life & love!

May your Tuesday smile terrific & may ‘sun’ shine ‘secure’ on all you learn & in all your living!



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